Amwell - Coolite

Refreshing, light and spacious. That’s the effect Coolite creates. Something only glass can achieve. But Coolite’s design and versatility makes the very most of the material.




25mm diameter stainless steel tube fixed over pilasters and doors with corresponding panel clamps. Wall end junctions concealed with matching cover roses.


Specialized plated solid brass hinges to return door to closed from balance position. ADA compliant lever operated indicator bolt with circular face plate and emergency release facility. Stainless steel glass patch clamp division fixings. Buffered coat hook fixed to divisions (optional extra).

Doors, Dividers, Pilasters

Two layers of 5mm toughened safety glass bonded either side of a PVB interlayer nominal 11.5mm overall thickness arranged in line for a flush appearance.


Cylindrical brushed stainless steel grade 316 pedestal legs with concealed fixings. Adjustable to accommodate uneven floor levels.


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Amwell Coolite