Thrislington - Flow Laminate

The last word in elegance.  Flow doors close to a completely flush finish with 42mm thick hydraulically closing doors and hand lipped rebates.  Stainless steel fittings complete the system.


Flush, Full Height & Beautiful

Available in glass, wood veneer, stainless steel, aluminium and high pressure laminate. Core sourced from legal and sustainable sources. Can be supplied to meet NAUF criteria.


Full aluminium frame. 42mm rebated doors to ensure flush finish. Self-closing hydraulic door closer.


Up to 2700mm high with 8mm floor gap. Pivoted door. Stainless steel fittings.


Machined stainless steel lock, complete with flush face plate, locates into integral aluminium receiver. Emergency release.

Hydraulic Closer

Our patented Hydraulic Closer ensures that all Flow doors will close or open beautifully, quietly and with a satisfying amount of resistance.


Materials & Finishes

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Thrislington Flow Laminate