Amwell - Minima Laminate

Minima encompasses the very best in contemporary minimalist design.  Minima offers a flexible and diverse cubicle system that can be used across the board in any sector.



The stunning uncomplicated frame is cast in satin anodized aluminum offering a modern sleek finish while remaining extremely durable. The pilasters are exceptionally slim creating a flush aesthetic with the pedestals set back to give the illusion of a floating cubicle.


The extruded aluminum head-rail is particularly impressive, making a statement with elegant clean lines and an attractive contemporary shape.


Satin anodized aluminum hinge adjustable to fall open, closed or ajar. Satin anodized aluminum ADA compliant lever operated indicator bolt with circular faceplate and emergency release facility. Satin anodized aluminum U channel division fixings. Buffered coat hook.


Satin anodized aluminum design fixed through divisions. Standard height 2140 mm with 100mm and 20mm floor clearance. Minimum ceiling clearance 100-150mm. Adjustable to accommodate uneven floor levels.

Doors and Divisions

Doors 30mm MDF core faced on both sides with real wood veneer with 18mm divisions. All edges are lipped with matching or complementary durable PVC.


Materials & Finishes

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Product Details

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Amwell Minima